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Continuing Education Team
Bob Walker Vice President for Continuing Education and Economic Development
Marshall Connor Assistant Vice President for Continuing Education and Economic Development
Cassandra Ward Assistant to the Vice President
Deseret Scharett Director of Business Services – Operations and Marketing
Jonathan Allen Marketing Specialist
Kirsten Darce Administrative Specialist - Programming
Linda Fletcher Media Resource Consultant – D2L and Continuing Education Online Learning
John Hennigan Fiscal Manager
Lisa Middleton Administrative Specialist – Sales
Letitia Roberts Administrative Specialist – Programming
Jemima Robertson Office Assistant/Registration Specialist
Heidy Sturm Customer Service Specialist
Shadonna Walker Administrative Specialist – Programming
Registration Specialists
Nakenya Fludd Registration and Customer Support Specialist
Dianna Rodriguez Registration and Customer Support Specialist
Traci Combs Director of Programming

James Cameron

Program Manager – Health Care

Angie Duncan

Program Manager – Health Care

Katherine Jackson

Program Manager - Youth Programs

Judy Martin

Program Manager – Health Care

Cindy McGuckin

Program Manager – IT and Computer

Lori Neid

Program Manager - Personal Enrichment

Steve Price

Program Manager – Corporate and Specialty

Victoria New Cater

Director of Advanced Manufacturing & Corporate Training

Lindsay Ackerson

Business Development Consultant

Illya Cooper

Program Manager - Manufacturing, Construction, Industrial Trades

Joe Daning

Director of Workforce and Military Programs

LaRone Murphy

Business Solutions Consultant
Stanley Johnson Aeronautical Training Solutions Manager