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Coding Specialist (CS) Program (XHIM-510) Information

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Medical Coders work in offices and read patient records containing medical terminology, medical procedures, diagnosis, and insurance information. Coders must have excellent knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, human diseases, and the insurance industry. This is a complex learning program.
  • The medical coder is responsible for translating medical information into a precise coded form. Codes number in the thousands and change annually.
  • Coders do not usually work from home until they have job experience. If you want to work part-time this career is not for you, coders work full-time.
  • Coders must understand the basic sciences, medical terminology, disease processes, the Health Insurance industry including Medicare and Medicaid as well as electronic health records software, and more.
  •  There are many rules for accurate coding and it takes a great deal of practice, research, and expertise to master, similar to a foreign language.
  • To decide if medical coding is right for you look up videos from coding experts online, such as this one before you decide if this intense program is right for you;  this video is a must-see!
  • What's the difference between billing and coding? See this:  
Is this intense online program right for you? Consider the following:
  • Do you enjoy reading and researching complex medical procedures, insurance, and health records?
  • Are you detail-oriented and enjoy searching for regulation rules?
  • Can you play an active role in your online education and work daily on solving puzzling medical and insurance information?
This online program is 12 months, it is intense and courses are concentrated with medical information about procedures and diseases that coders must understand fluently. Students learn a great deal of information in a short period of time. Courses must be taken in the order that is listed. When one course ends the next course starts within 2 days. The schedule is tightly scheduled to reduce the program length of time. Asynchronous learning allows you to learn on your own schedule, within a certain timeframe. 
  • Students must have daily access to a computer with high-speed internet access, a webcam, and microphone, Microsoft Office Suite, or equivalent, Adobe Flash Player and Acrobat Reader. Using a phone or any mobile device to complete the program is not recommended or reliable.
To register for this program see below:
If you are a SC resident apply for the tuition Scholarship here and Registration will contact you to process: The Coding Specialist program starts 2 times per year, Spring (Jan) and Fall (Aug). 
  • The curriculum teaches toward two national certifications:
    • the AAPC credential CPC (Certified Professional Coder)
    • the AHIMA credential CCA or CCS (Certified Coding Associate or Certified Coding Specialist)
If you are a coder working in the field and only need a few courses you may enroll in just the courses you need. You may register for any course online. Contact the Program Manager for consultation or for more information: To register for one or two coding courses only, select the course, add it to the cart, and checkout.

Program requirements: Contact the Registration office at  
  1. Students must be at least 18 years old and a high school or GED graduate. 
  2. Students must have regular access to a computer with high-speed internet access, a webcam, a microphone, Microsoft Office Suite, or equivalent, Adobe Flash Player and Acrobat Reader. Using a mobile device, phone, or tablet, to complete the program is not reliable or recommended.
  3. Students must take the Accuplacer test with results of 240 in each of these subjects: Reading, Writing and Math tests in order to enroll in the program.  Schedule your free Accuplacer test here: 
    • Students that are college graduates, or have taken English and Math can be exempt from this by sending a copy of their college transcripts,  
Students who successfully complete this program are eligible to continue their education with TTC and complete an Associate of Applied Science degree in Health Information Management and the core coding courses will be waived.

Course Materials-book costs:
  1. Students will need to purchase a 12-month digital access code from Cengage Unlimited for online e-textbooks and resources, approximately $190 in Part 1 of the program.
  2. Students must have current year coding manuals, required for Part 2 of the program, approximately $484 over 8 months. See below about online books, see the TTC Bookstore, bldg 950, for current coding manuals. See the list below.
Cengage Unlimited is a digital subscription service designed to save students money. With a Cengage Unlimited subscription, you will have access to the Cengage online materials you’ll be using across 70% of your courses. When you activate your online course in the D2L learning platform, you can rent a hardcopy textbook for just $8. Print rentals can be redeemed only within Cengage Unlimited at the start of each class and are shipped directly to students.

Students starting this program in January 2023 will follow this schedule of courses:
Part 1

XCPT 501 1/9-1/13/23 Online Introduction
XAHS 522  1/16-3/3/23 Medical Terminology-students must purchase online ebook for 8 courses $190.
XAHS 508  1/16-3/3 Pathopharmacology
XHIM 514  3/6-4/21 HC Data Content & EHR
Part 2
XHIM 502  4/24--6/16/23 ICD-10 CM- students must purchase 2023 coding manual $111.50
XHIM 503  6/19--8/11 ICD-10 PCS
XHIM 509  8/14--10/6 CPT 1 coding- students must purchase 2023 CPT coding manuals $282
XHIM 508  10/9--12/1/23 Understanding Health Insurance
XHIM 510  12/4--2/9/24 CPT 2 coding
XHIM-602  2/10-2/11/24  Coding Review and exam prep

Students starting this program in August 2022 will follow this schedule of courses:
Part 1
  • XCPT-501  8/15 - 8/19/22
  • XAHS 522  8/22 - 10/07/22, online ebook for 8 courses $190.
  • XAHS 508  8/22 - 10/07/22
  • XHIM 514  10/10-11/25/22
Part 2
  • XHIM 502  11/28 - 1/27/23, 2023 coding manual $111
  • XHIM 503  1/30 - 3/17/23, 
  • XHIM 509  3/20 - 5/5/23, 2023 coding manuals $282
  • XHIM 508  5/8 - 6/23/23
  • XHIM 510  6/26 - 8/4/23
  • XHIM-602  8/5-8/6/23 
Coding Specialist Program Plan "eBooks" used per course. Rent a hard copy of Cengage books for $8 each, directly from Cengage. Cengage textbooks are listed below in " "
Length Course Hours Course Title & Order Course code Students must purchase the Cengage Unlimited, Multi Term 1 Yr. Access Card, $190. This is needed for each course in the program. To rent books from Cengage contact directly for $8. each, "titles" below.
1 wk 4hrs Intro to D2L XCPT 501 none
7wks 45hrs Medical terminology   XAHS 522 Headphones With Mic, "Medical Terminology For Health Professions", by Ehrilch, 8th Edition, with Mindtap Access.
7wks 45hrs PathoPharm XAHS  523 "Pathopharmacology", by Bruce Colbert and Kurtis Pierce, with Mindtap Access.
7wks 45hrs HCData Content & EHR XHIM 514 "Essentials of Health Information Management", by Bowie, Fourth Edition, Cengage Learning and  Moss software inside Mindtap (no book).
7wks 45hrs ICD10-CM Coding XHIM-502 "Understanding Icd-10-Cm and Icd-10PCS a workbook" by Bowie, 2023. And The Complete Official Codebook (W/Guidelines) Ama, ISBN 1-64016-222-4, Copyright 23Edition, 1Binding Paperback, $111. TTC Bookstore.
7wks 45hrs ICD10-PCS Coding XHIM-503 Same as xhim-502. "Understanding Icd-10-Cm and Icd-10Pcs a workbook", by Bowie, 2023.  And The Complete Official Codebook, Ama, ISBN 1-64016-225-9, Copyright 23Edition, 1Binding Paperback, $111. TTC Bookstore.
7wks 45hrs CPT 1 Coding XHIM-509 "Understanding Current Procedural Terminology and HCPCS Coding Systems" by Bowie, 2023.  And Professional And Cpt Quickref App Bundle, Ama, ISBN 1-64016-270-4, Copyright 23Edition, 1Binding Paperback, $182. TTC Bookstore, and Hcpcs Level Ii 2023 Professional Ed
Ama, ISBN 1-64016-228-3, Copyright 23, Edition 1, Binding Spiral, $112.
7wks 45hrs Health Insurance XHIM-508 "Understanding Health Insurance a guide to billing and reimbursement", 2023 by Michelle A Green, MPS, RHIA, FAHIMA, CPC
45hrs CPT 2 Coding XHIM-510 Same books as xhim-509


Certificate Details

Classes offered: 9

Classes required for completion: 9

Mandatory Classes: 9

Classes in this Certificate must be taken in a specific order.

Price:  $2,647.00


Courses Available for this Certificate

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